martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016


Killed By Death #F.U.2
(Redrum Records, 1998)

A1-F.U.2 - Playin' My Guitar
A2-Flirt - Don't Push Me
A3-Strychnine - C'est Pour Toi
A4-Ralph And The Ponytails - James Bond
A5-The Razors - Subway
A6-Edith Nylon - Waldorf
A7-The Scene - High Numbers
A8-Flyin' Spiderz - S.O.S.
B1-Flirt - De-Generator
B2-Trash - Priorities
B3-The Moondogs - Make Her Love Me
B4-Starshooter - Quelle Crise Baby
B5-The U-Boats - Break Out Tonight
B6-Strychnine - Lache Moi
B7-Lucy - Really Got Me Goin'
B8-Too Much - Photos Photo


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