jueves, 18 de agosto de 2016


Various ‎-Killed By Death #13
(Redrum Records (KBD), 1993)

A1-Snot Puppies - TV Tantrum
A2-Snot Puppies - Towel Song
A3-The Blowdriers - Berkeley Farms
A4 - Castration Squad - The X Girlfriend
A5-Fried Abortions -  Joel Selvin
A6-The Screamers - If I Can't Have What I Want
A7-The Feederz - Peter Gunn Theme
A8-Naked Lady Wrestlers - William Tell Overture
A9-Wasp Women - Kill Me / I Don't Need Your Attitude
B1-Tarts - Terminal Romance
B2-Tarts - All The Girls In The World
B3-Tarts - Disposable Girl
B4-Der Stab - Tracers
B5-Der Stab - It's Gray
B6-Citizen Fear - We Need Another Vietnam
B7-Inverted Triangle - White Night Riot
B8-Tanks - Manifest Destiny


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