miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016


Various ‎- Killed By Death #18
(Redrum Records (KBD), 1998)

A1-Defex - Machine Gun Love
A2-Dogs - Teen Slime
A3-Lubricants - Transformation Vacation
A4-Dennis Most & The Instigators - Excuse My Spunk
A5-Abuse - In America
A6-Shell Shock - My Way
A7-Meaty Buys - Criminal Mind
A8-Nubs - Little Billy's Burning
A9-Teenage PHD's - Eat, Sleep And Fuck
B1-Destry Hampton And The Wolves From Hell - Paradise
B2-Snuky Tate - Can You Dance To It
B3-Gynecologists - Sex Orgy With The Bradee Bunch
B4-Ebeneezer And The Bludgeons - Fake
B5-Aunt Helen - Big Money
B6-The Eat - Jimmy B. Good
B7-Jayne Doe - As The World Turns
B8-Lepers - Coitus Interruptus
B9-Shit Dogs - World War III


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