viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016


Bay Mud
(David Hayes Self-released, 1986)

A1-Unknown Artist
A2-Crash-N-Burn - Car Wreck
A3-Infernal Forces - License To Kill
A4-Infernal Forces - Jungle Warfare
A5-Complete Disorder - Products
A6-Complete Disorder - Cry For The World
A7-Lookouts - Why Don't You Die
A8-Lookouts - California
A9-Koel Family - Floriduh Song
A10-Koel Family - Insurance Man
A11-Mr. T Experience - P.V.S.
A12-Mr. T Experience - One Big Lie
A13-Rabid Lassie - Society Image
A14-Rabid Lassie - Trip
A15-Kwikway - Fuck!
A16-Kwikway - Whatever
A17-Half Blind - Dead Sailor
A18-Italian Whorenuns - Ice Cream + Cigs
A19-Dot 3 - Acting Rather Pink
A20-Short Dogs Grow - Don Juan
A21-Short Dogs Grow - Serum Hepatitis
A22-Attitude Adjustment - In The Center It Was Silent
A23-Attitude Adjustment - D.S.F.A.D.M.S.
A24-Unknown Artist 
B1-Unknown Artist
B2-Clown Alley - The Party Ends
B3-Clown Alley - The Theme
B4-Legion Of Doom - Make A Change
B5-Legion Of Doom - American Waste
B6-Stikky - Ja Hovas Guys
B7-Stikky - 8-Hour Shift
B8-Rhythm Pigs - Animosity Index
B9-Rhythm Pigs - Cant Change The World
B10-Ten Tall Men - I Wanna Get Married
B11-Ten Tall Men - Squish
B12-Forethought - Grinder
B13-Forethought - I Dont Stand Tall
B14-Boss Hoss - The Witch
B15-Victims Family - Devon Drool
B16-Victims Family - Sir Onslaught / Work
B17-Neurosis - Security
B18-Neurosis - Life On Your Knees
B19-Crimpshrine - I Just Dont Know
B20-Sweet Baby Jesus - Shes From Salinas
B21-Unknown Artist


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