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Literalmente, existen cientos de recopilatorios que funcionan como crónica de las diversas escenas que se originaron en los comienzos del punk. Eran la forma más barata de poder ver qué es lo que se cocía en los sótanos más cercanos a tu casa, como una especie de "internet" en diferido de la época. La cantidad de compilados de punk californiano es especialmente caudalosa, y no deja de editarse y reeditarse una avalancha que por momentos amenaza con sepultar a sus coleccionistas (al igual que los singles, los discos, los maxis de los grupos de L.A. y San Francisco. Hace nada, Munster Records ha sacado un bonito pack con la "repro" de todos los singles que editó la mítica Dangerhouse.) Cuando ocurre algo de tales dimensiones, significa que la escena estaba viva, que sigue viva, y que los que la construyeron y apuntalaron no dejarán que se muera nunca.

Various - A Drink For Sue Ellen Cassette
(Unofficial Release, 1983)

A1-arby Crash / Government Issue - Intro / Religious Ripp Off
A2-Black Flag - White Minority
A3-Angry Samoans - Hot Cars
A4-Circle Jerks - Wasted
A5-Dead Kennedys - Short Songs
A6-Nubs - Little Billy`s Burning
A7-Middle Class - You Belong
A8-Deadbeats - Kill The Hippies
A9-Fear - Let's Have A War
A10-No Alternative - Make Guns Not Love
A11-Misfits - London Dungeon
A12-Gun Club - Black Train
A13-T.S.O.L. - Funeral March
A14-Wurm - We're Off
A15-Germs - Lions Share
A16-Minutemen - The Maze
A17-Angry Samoans - Stupid Jack
A18-Replacements - Dope Smokin' Moron
A19-Eyes - Don't Talk To Me
A20-Plugz - La Bamba
A21-Zero Boys - Outta Style
A22-Rhino 39 - No Compromise
B1-The Little Girl - Intro
B2-.S.O.L. - 80 Times
B3-oliceband - Q & A
B4-Big Boys - Fun Fun Fun
B5-The Eyes - Disneyland
B6-Red Asphalt - Red Asphalt
B7-Misfits - Halloween
B8-Descendents - Global Probing
B9-Meat Puppets - Big House
B10-Lewd - Dressed In Black
B11-Middle Class - Situations
B12-Bags - We Don't Need The English
B13-Zero Boys - High Time
B14-Controllers - Jezebel
B15-V.S. - Magnetic Heat
B16-Rubber Rodeo - Don't Fall In Love With The Rider
B17-The Flesh Eaters - Dominoes

Various - Bloodstains Across California
(Bloodstains, 1993)

A1-Eddie And The Subtitles - American Society
A2-The Injections - Prison Walls
A3-Funeral - Waiting For The Bomb Blast
A4-Reign Of Terror - Don't Blame Me
A5-Silver Chalice - Wasted
A6-The Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face
A7-The Insults - Stiff Love
A8-Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell - Mean Boy
A9-The Vidiots - Laurie's Lament
B1-Agent Orange - Bloodstains
B2-VKTMS - Midget
B3-The Maggots - Tammy Wynette
B4-Seizure - Cuties Wrong Now
B5-The Gears - Hard Rock
B6-The Plugz - Move It
B7-Controllers - Slow Boy
B8-Plain Jane & The Jokes - Class War
B9-Joneses - Criminals In My Car
B10-Chiefs - Tower 18
B11-The Dogs - John Rock

Various - DIY: We're Desperate - The L.A. Scene
(Rhino Records, 1993)

1-The Pop! - Down On The Boulevard
2-The Dogs - Younger Point Of View
3-The Motels - Counting (Demo)
4-Germs - Forming
5-The Dils - I Hate The Rich
6-The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around
7-The Weirdos - A Life Of Crime
8-The Zippers - You're So Strange
9-The Quick - Pretty Please
10-The Last - She Don't Know Why I'm Here
11-The Furys - Say Goodbye To The Black Sheep
12-The Dils - Mr. Big
13-X - We're Desperate
14-The Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb
15-Germs - Lexicon Devil
16-The Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
17-The Plugz - La Bamba
18-Dickies - You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
19-Eyes - Topological Lies
20-The Bags - Survive
21-X - Los Angeles


Various ‎- Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record
(New Underground Records, 1983)

A1-Germs - Strange Notes
A2-Germs - Caught In My Eye
A3-Minutemen - Base King
A4-Redd Kross - Out Of Focus
A5-Modern Warfare - Moral Majority
A6-Shattered Faith - The Omen
A7-Anti - Without Love We Will Die
A8-Mood Of Defiance - American Love Song
A9-Hari-Kari - Prey For Peace
A10-Sin 34 - Forced Education
B1-Artistic Decline - Friday Punk
B2-Modern Torture - Fascist Media
B3-Invisible Chains - Paisley Douche / Cactus Juice
B4-Slivers - Restraint For Style
B5-Vox Pop - Tumble Bug
B6-Marshall Mellow - Marshmellow Children
B7-Carl Stone - Jang
B8-Doo-Dooettes - Red Wrec. Said (Version)
B9-Zurich 1916 - No Canvas
B10-Tone Deaf - Story Of A T.V. Murder
B11-Debt Of Nature - And It Got Hit By A Truck
B12-Debt Of Nature - Your Life Means Nothing


Various - Live From The Masque
(Bacchus Archives, Dionysus Records, 2002)

1-Weirdos - Teenage
2-The Bags - T.V. Dinner
3-The Bags - Chainsaw
4-The Germs - Let's Pretend
5-The Skulls - Building Models
6-The Eyes - Eniwetok
7-The Eyes - Go-Go Bee
8-The Eyes - Happy Song
9-The Dickies - Shake And Bake
10-F-Word - Government Official
11-F-Word - Hillside Strangler
12-The Alley Cats - One More Chance
13-Zeros - Cosmetic Couple
14-Zeros - Lay Off, She's Mine
15-Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of L.A.
16-Black Randy - Trouble At The Cup


Various ‎- Live From The Masque: Wewecancandodowhatwhatwewe Wanna Do
(Year One Records, 1996)

1-F-Word! - Government Official
2-F-Word! - Take Over The World
3-F-Word! - Hillside Strangler
4-F-Word! - Out There / Sick Of You
5-F-Word! - Bad Girl
6-F-Word! - In A Haze
7-F-Word! - Do The Nihil
8-The Alley Cats - Gimme A Little Pain
9-The Alley Cats - One More Chance To Survive
10-The Alley Cats - Jailhouse Rock
11-The Alley Cats - Nothing Means Nothing
12-X - Year One
13-X - Blue Spark
14-X - We're Desperate
15-X - I'm Coming Over
16-X - Adult Books
17-X - Heater
18-X - Los Angeles
19-The Zeros, The - Cosmetic Couple
20-The Zeros, The - Day Off She's Mine
21-The Zeros, The - Unidentified
22-The Zeros, The - Nothing

Various ‎- Live From The Masque: Dicks Fight Banks Hate
(Year One Records, 1996)

1-Eyes - Eniwetok
2Eyes - Take That Qaalude Now
3-Eyes - Go-Go Bee
4-Eyes - The Happy Song
5-Eyes - She's Dead
6-Eyes - Dysneyland
7-The Dickies - I'm OK, You're OK
8-The Dickies - Shake and Bake
9-The Dickies - Shadow Man
10-The Dickies - Canyon
11The Dickies - You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
12-The Dickies - Hideous
13-Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of New York
14-Randoms - Tricia
15-Randoms - ABC
16-Randoms - Let's Get Rid Of L.A.
17-Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Idi Amin
18-Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Randy's Intro By Dick Brain
19-Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Loner With A Boner
20-Black Randy & The Metrosquad - Trouble At The Cup

Various - Rodney On The Roq
(Posh Boy -1980)

1-Agent Orange - Bloodstains
2-Adolescents - Amoeba
3-Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets
4-U.X.A. - Tragedies
5-Klan - Pushin' Too Hard
6-Black Flag - No Values
7-Rik L Rik - The Outback
8-Crowd - Right Time
9-David Microwave - I Don't Want To Hold You
10-The Nuns - Wild
11-Fender Buddies - Furry Friend
12-Vidiots - Laurie's Lament
13-Simpletones - T.V. Love
14-New York - Surprise! - Is That All There Is?

Various ‎- Rodney On The Roq: Volume 2
(Posh Boy, 1981)

A1-Target 13 - Rodney On The Roq
A2-Social Distortion - 1945
A3-Shattered Faith - Right Is Right
A4-Black Flag - Rise Above
A5-Minutemen - Search
A6-Red Cross - Burn Out
A7-Channel 3 - You Lie
A8-Agent Orange - Mr. Moto
A9-Red Rockers - Dead Heroes
B1-Unit 3 With Venus - B.O.Y.S.
B2-Stepmothers - Where Is The Dream
B3-Gleaming Spires - Are You Ready For The Sex Girls
B4-Little Girls - The Earthquake Song
B5-The Levi & Rockats - Room To Rock
B6-Twisted Roots - Snaked
B7-Geza X - We Need More Power


Various - Rodney On The ROQ Vol. III
(Posh Boy, 1982)

A1-Kent State - Radio Moscow
A2-Vandals - Urban Struggle
A3-Ill Repute - Clean-Cut American Kid
A4-J.F.A. - Preppy
A5-CH 3 - Separate Peace
A6-Catch 22 - Stop The Cycle
A7-Pariah - Up To Us
A8-Red Scare - Streetlife
A9-No Crisis - She’s Into The Scene
A10-Rudi - Crimson
B1-Unit 3 With Venus - Pajama Party
B2-Bangles - Bitchen Summer (Speedway)
B3-Action Now - Try
B4-Signals - Gotta Let Go
B5-Gayle Welch - Day Of Age
B6-Radio Music  - Johnny Angel / New Dance
B7-David Hines - Land Of 1,000 Dances

Various - Tooth And Nail
(Upsetter Records, 1979)

1-Controllers - Another Day
2-Controllers - Electric Church
3-Controllers - Jezebel
4-Flesh Eaters - The Word Goes Flesh
5-Flesh Eaters - Pony Dress
6-Flesh Eaters - Version Nation
7-U.X.A. - Social Circle
8-U.X.A. - U.X.A.
9-Negative Trend - I Got Power
10-Negative Trend - Mercenaries
11-Middle Class - Love Is Just A Tool
12-Middle Class - Above Suspicion
14-Germs (GI) - Manimal
15-Germs (GI) - Dragon Lady
16-Germs (GI) - Strange Notes

Various ‎- What Stuff
(Iloki Records, 1990)

A1-Germs - Forming
A2-Germs - Sexboy (live)
A3-The Dils - I Hate The Rich
A4-The Dils - You're Not Blank
A5-Germs - Forming
A6-Germs - Round N' Round
A7-The Eyes - Don't Talk To Me
A8-The Eyes - Kill Your Parents
A9-The Skulls - Victims
A10-The Skulls - On Target
A11-Controllers - Neutron Bomb
A12-Controllers - Killer Queers
B1-The Dils - What Goes On (live)
B2-Kaos - Iron Dream
B3-Kaos - Top Secret
B4-Kaos - Alcoholiday
B5-The Pandoras - I Didn't Cry
B6-The Untold Fables - Happy Motoring
B7-The Untold Fables - Nobody Spoils My Fun


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vaya montón de joyacas! voy a hacer unas pinchadas con esto que se va a cagar la perra! gracias por el trabajo,


Otra sesión de fregona para limpiar las babas que inundan mi piso.Eres mú malo,Frog.

frog2000 dijo...

Todos los grupos de California punk de la horquilla 77-83 tenían algo, ¿verdad?


Bastante más que algo.Tenían furia amateur,sana caradura,actitud provocadora,espiritu disconforme...y,muy curiosamente,más diversidad de lo que pueda parecer.Desde el punk a piñón fijo hasta el proto-noise-industrial (hostia,vaya palabrejas)todo cabe en esa seminal escena.Y ahí está Mamá Internet para los aguerridos arqueólogos que quieran corroborarlo.Me bebo una birra a tu salud por tu trabajo.